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Quordle Game - Wordle with 4 Words

Play Quordle online - the popular version of the Wordle game, in which four words are hidden at once. It may seem strange and complicated, but it is actually very exciting. If you're tired of playing the classic version, or if it's too easy for you, then the quad-field version is just what you need.

How to play Quordle?


You see four playing fields in front of you. Each of them contains one word, consisting of the same number of letters (from 4 to 6). Your goal is to guess all 4 words.


Enter any real word from the same number of letters using the virtual or regular keyboard. After entering the word, do not forget to press the Enter button.


All letters in all 4 fields have changed their color. If the letter turns green - you guessed right - it is in its place. If the letter turns yellow, it must be in a different place. If the letter is greyed out, the letter does not exist in the word.


Keep entering words. You will have 9 attempts to get as many clues as possible. The letters on the keyboard also change their color in quarters to make it easier for you to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of Quordle?

The rules of the game Quordle are similar to the game Wordle. Enter words, get color hints and guess which word was hidden. Unlike the classic game, Quordle has 4 playing fields and each has a different word hidden in it. Instead of 6 attempts in the regular version, you have 9 lines at once in each playing field.

What do tooltips and errors mean?

The game has different hints. The most common error is the wrong word. This means that the word you entered is not in our dictionary, which means it is not suitable for the game, or such a word does not exist. There is also a hint that the word is too short, which means that you entered fewer letters than there are in the line.

Why does the keyboard change its color?

Keyboard keys change color according to the prompts you receive. The letters on the keyboard are divided into 4 sections, each of them refers to the corresponding playing field. For example, if a letter turns green in the upper left playing field, then the upper left segment of this letter on the keyboard will also turn green, meaning that this letter is in the hidden word.

How many letters are in the hidden words?

By default you play with 5 letter words. That is, all 4 words hidden in the game consist of five letters. However, you can change the length in the settings and play with 4 or 6 letter words. To do this, click on the number in the top menu or from the settings menu.

How to play Quordle with a stopwatch?

Stopwatch allows you to track the duration of your game. It is enabled by default and your game time will be shown in the final results window. You can hide the time by clicking on the clock icon. Also in the settings you can completely disable the timer functionality.

Did you like Quordle?

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